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Fall for Hounds

This fundraising opportunity of a lifetime was coordinated by Julie Collier with all the proceeds going to the RGT.  Everyone who participated jumped from a light aircraft 13,000 feet high - that's 2 miles and a 50 second free fall! 

Even if you are not taking part in the jump you can still join in the fun and help raise money for greyhounds.  You can either sponsor one of the brave participants or even join us for the fundraising party after the jump for some great food, music and auction prizes. See the event details below for timings and locations. 

To stay on top of any developments follow Julie on Twitter here or the RGT here.          

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Event Details

  • Parachute jump: Sibson Airfield near Peterborough
  • After party: Angel Inn, at Yarwell
When: 16 June 2014  
  • Jumpers to arrive at at 11:00am, with the skydives taking place all afternoon
  • The after party begins at 6pm, with the BBQ at 7pm and auction and music to follow.  Bring your friends!
Cancellation Plans: If the event is cancelled due to bad weather, we will notify individuals on our website, by Twitter or Facebook, but we anticipate great weather!

Supporting from the Ground

Do you want to support 'Fall for Hounds' from the ground?  No problem.  You can support this fundraiser in the following ways:

  • Online Donations

We are tasking ourselves with raising as much money as possible so that we can help as many greyhounds as possible. 
You can make a donation online by visiting Don't forget to share a message with your donation, and if you select 'Gift Aid' you will increase your donation by 25% at no extra cost to you. 

  • Text Donation

Show your support on the go by texting a donation.  Its quick and easy: just text RGTD23 £10 (or any other amount) to 70070. After you text your support, why not share the news on Facebook and Twitter to let your friends know and encourage them to follow suit.  

  • Postal Donation

Any support is greatly appreciated with the campaign and you can send in a cheque or postal order to us at: RGT Fall For Hounds, 2nd Floor Park House, 1-4 Park Terrace, Worcester Park, Surrey, KT4 7JZ.  Make sure to make the cheque out to the Retired Greyhound Trust and to make it clearly marked for 'Fall for Hounds' so we can keep a donation tally.  

Don't forget that you can also help support us by telling your friends about this great fundraiser and get them involved, either from the air or from the ground!  

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Julie Collier for her continued support for the Retired Greyhound Trust and her dedication to promoting this loving and noble breed as fantastic pets.