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Greyhound Testimonials

Who loves greyhounds?  Just check out the following testimonials to see why everyone loves greyhounds. 

Leona Lewis
Singer, Songwriter and X-Factor Winner

"There are so many Greyhounds in the UK, that once they've finished racing have nowhere to go and need rehoming.  [The Retired Greyhound Trust] cares for them and actively tries to find them homes."

"The greyhounds [at the Perry Barr branch] were so gentle, I fell in love with Freddie (pictured) and Sandy and loved spending time with them and all the other dogs there!"

"I want to urge people to help sanctuaries like this across the country by helping to raise funds. Or why not home a beautiful greyhound yourself!"



Model, Actress and Singer

"Greyhounds make fantastic pets. They undergo a transformation when they leave the track. They turn from speed machines to docile couch potatoes who love to loll around and get fussed. All they want is a loving family or owner to look after them. I hope there are families out there who can help."

"The sooner the charity can find good homes for dogs those in kennels then the sooner they can free up space for the many more who are on the waiting list."

Craig Levein
Former Manager of the Scotland National Football Team

"Greyhounds make fantastic pets once their racing days are over and I am really pleased to support the work of the Retired Greyhound Trust and help raise awareness of their work." 

"The Trust has six branches across Scotland that, thanks to the efforts of many hard working volunteers, find homes for 200 greyhounds each year." 

"To anyone thinking of a new pet, I would urge them to think greyhound!"


Uri Geller

"Throughout my entire life I have always had dogs.  Our last two dogs were greyhounds, Barney and Jon Jon."

"There is something about greyhounds. They are more intuitive I believe, more sensitive.  They almost read your mind, and I'm in that arena of mind-reading."

"Everybody should give a greyhound a home.  Once a greyhound comes into your home, you will fall in love with he or she, because they are going to change your life for the better."

Click the YouTube link to the left to hear more from Uri about greyhounds.


Jo-Emma Larvin
Model and Nutritionalist

"Dogs are the most amazing companions. They are always there for you - through the good times and the bad. They are fun, loving and they don't judge you. I take Sonny everywhere with me - to friends, meetings and jobs, everywhere. The thought of hundreds of dogs across the country not having loving homes like Sonny has really inspired me to get involved with the Retired Greyhound Trust.

"If anyone is considering a pet dog then I would urge them to get in touch with their local branch of the Retired Greyhound Trust. They can go along to meet some of the dogs who need homes and take them for walks. All of the greyhounds have such different personalities, the Trust volunteers will help to find one to match a family or particular circumstances."



Jilly Cooper
Best-Selling Author

"My greyhound Feather is the complete love of my life and the most charming, gentle, sweet, beguiling and funny dog I have event owned.  Feather is the ideal dog for all ages because he adores his twice daily walk, never pulls on the lead, is incredibly sweet with children and miraculous with geriatrics like me and [my husband] Leo!"  

"He is a sweet, lovely dog and has brought so much happiness into our household."

"I'm so grateful to the Retired Greyhound Trust for all the wonderful work they're doing to help Greyhounds everywhere."

Julie Collier
Sky Sports Reporter

"I really can't speak highly enough of greyhounds as pets. There are so many misconceptions about them, particularly that they need a lot of exercise - they don't, they love to sleep lots and not walk too much! They're the easiest dog you could have as they're clean and not demanding at all. Having said that, my greyhound Roxy does like cuddles 24/7!"  

"She gives so much affection and loyalty and has a fan club of her own. I've taken her to work with me on many occasions and she really is no bother at all, I love her to bits."

"If you are thinking of getting a dog and have never properly met greyhounds, please consider visiting your local Retired Greyhound Trust. They have so many beautiful dogs that need and deserve a home after their life on the track."



Natalie Jackson
BBC Sports Presenter

"My greyhound Rosie is my best friend. She is the most loyal, kind, affectionate girl and I love her to bits!!!! Greyhounds really do make the best pets."

"They like walks and company but they also like to have time to chill and love to sleep! I wasn't a dog person before I got Rosie but she has converted me. I can honestly say she has never been any trouble. I am a neat freak but greyhounds are short haired and so clean so make the perfect companions in my eyes! They make a house a home and are the most loving dogs."  

"The Retried Greyhound Trust does fantastic work but needs your help. They have so many retired greyhounds to home and if you are thinking of getting a dog please go for a greyhound - I can promise you won't regret it."

Bart Simpson

Perhaps one of the most famous greyhound advocates today is TV personality Bart Simpson, star of the long-running animated TV series 'The Simpsons'.  

Bart Simpsons.gif