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The 2015 Retired Greyhound Trust Calendar

It is time to finally reveal the 2015 Retired Greyhound Trust Calendar.  We had an avalanche of entries, from greyhound owners around the world.  It was no easy task to choose the final images from more than 2000 entries.  

This 16 month calendar includes 15 entries - one for each of the 12 months in 2015, one for the front and back covers and one for the additional four months (Sept-Dec 2014).  The winners are listed below and will receive a complimentary copy of the calendar in the post.  

We would like to thank everyone who shared images of their hounds for the contest.   We hope to use many of these images in Homer Magazine and on our Facebook pages to help promote greyhounds as great pets to the public.  

You can support the RGT and buy a calendar for just £7 for yourself, friends or family by clicking here.  

The featured greyhounds are:
Dora by James Kennedy
Apollo by Matthew & Naomi Weaver
Sooty by Keren Jones
Patrick & Gabby by Chris & Lucy Reynolds
Scarlett by Chris Wilkinson
Billy by Liz Pike
Grace by Sonia Cudd
Holly by Lesley Goodwin
Piper by Helen Baldwin
Tommy by Stuart May
Annie by Wendy Maylam
Ramsey by Miranda Haslem
Bonnie by Alan Healey
Pepper by Robin & Louise Harrowsmith
Arnie by Gavin Strange



Collect your best greyhound photos and submit as many as you would like.  Please include your name and address and the name(s) of the greyhound(s) pictured.  


Submissions are preferred in high resolution digital format and can be emailed to Please note we have a 6MB limit on attachments, so please send large images in separate emails.  


You can also send a printed copy to the address below.  Please enclose a stamped addressed envelope if you would like your photo returned.  (Please note we cannot be responsible for lost or mislabelled post.)

RGT Calendar Contest
2nd Floor Park House
1-4 Park Terrace
Worcester Park



The competition opens on 1 March 2014 and the contest closes at midnight on 31 May 2014.  The winners will be announced on 8 August 2014 or before, and all winning entries will receive a copy of the calendar.   

We are dedicated to spreading the word that greyhounds make great pets and finding as many homes for them as possible.  To help us reach this goal, any photo entered might be used to help us promote greyhounds as pets and find more loving homes for these noble dogs.  By submitting a photo you agree for the Trust to use it to promote the breed or to help raise awareness of the Trust's programmes.  

The judges' decision is final.  The Trust is not liable for any errors in printing or design of the calendar.  Neither the Trust nor its employees/volunteers are liable for any damages to any greyhounds or individuals while taking photos, or for any damages arising from the illegal or false representation of the ownership of submitted photos.  

Any images submitted might be altered or remastered as required for the final produced product.  Embedded image signatures may be cropped at our discretion.  

The competition is open to any greyhound owner, except where prohibited by law.  Individuals may enter more than once.   Previous year's winners are welcome to enter again this year.  

By entering the contest you agree to all terms and conditions listed on this page.  

Good luck!