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Rod Morison

PennyI'm Penny, my racing name was Weeber Lush Lashes. Fifteen months ago I adopted Daddy, he calls himself Rod Morison, but I know he's really Daddy. We live on a Narrowboat in Cambridgeshire and it's great fun. There are lots of wabbits (Daddy's word, bless him) and I get to chase them. I get on and off Dreamcatcher (that's the name of our boat) now by myself as Daddy can't walk too well but I always come back to Daddy as he worries about me, then he gives me sausages or cheese for being a good girl.

Last summer, Daddy and I went to a 1940s weekend near home in our caravan (I like the caravan). Daddy is always telling people about the RGT, and a man asked him if he would give a talk about them. I didn't know this, but Daddy was a teacher and knew how to give talks so he said yes. Then before Christmas a man phoned Daddy. I was frightened of the phone at first but Daddy helped me to understand it and I'm not frightened now. David asked Daddy to give a talk about the RGT at the Methodist Church Men's Group in Huntingdon. I went with Daddy as he never leaves me on my own unless he's at the shops or something - then I stay in the car. He put my blanket down for me and then he told all the men about us greyhounds and how to look after us and be kind. I got bored so I went for a wander around to meet the gentlemen. When I went to live with Daddy I didn't like meeting people as I'd not met many before, but Daddy has taught me that people are not to be afraid of and I like them now. We also went on Huntingdon Community Radio and Daddy was asked a lot of questions about us greyhounds and me, and did you know he spoke for a whole hour to Nicola Rule (that's the lady who asked him to speak and she was so happy). He has learnt a lot about us, some things even I didn't know.

So if you live in the Cambridge/Bedford area and want someone to give a talk, email Daddy at and I'm sure we will do our best to come along.