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Mr T's Story

Mr T recently came into RGT Brambleberry's care after a non-accidental injury in the home he had been adopted into.  It seems he was hit over the head with something which caused a fractured skull and multiple brain bleeds. He was cared for at the Dick White Referral Centre where he underwent brain surgery to deal with the fracture and the bleeds.

During his recovery our volunteers found him to be a shy, very quiet dog, who - despite his recent experiences - was still willing to place trust in strange humans and gently offered his head for petting.   At first he did have some nervousness about hands and arms being over his head, and as you can see, the poor fellow was very sore since he has an incision which goes from the front of his head between his eyes right over to the base of his skull.

The RGT Brambleberry branch was happy to welcome him in and help him recover, but they were burdened with the £3,000 bill for the surgery, which the branch did not have.  Unfortunately at that point the Retired Greyhound Trust did not have a dedicated fund to help cover these types of emergency medical procedures, so we shared Mr T's story and asked for the public to help us fund his brain surgery, if they could.
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The generosity was overwhelming, and the surgery costs were covered in no time.  Now Mr T is recovering happily in our care and has a long future ahead of him, but we want to make sure that any other greyhounds that might need our help are given the same chance for a happy future.  

Can you help us raise funds for greyhounds that require emergency medical care, like Mr T?  Our Veterinary Appeal Fund has been set up to help greyhounds that require urgent, and often costly, procedures.  We are trying to raise as much as possible to ensure that we can help provide the care that greyhounds might need, and you can help us see that none of them are without help.  
Your generosity will mean so much to them.