Retired Greyhound Trust
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Why Retired?

Soldier1.jpgFor many people, the principle reason for adopting a pet through a charity is the "feel good" factor of knowing that they were able to give a good home to an animal who really needed it, rather than buying one from a breeder or petshop and directly contributing to the overproduction of (often genetically poor) animals. However, there are a number of other reasons why a retired greyhound may make a better pet than a pet store puppy.


Racing greyhounds will have been bred (usually for many generations) for performance rather than looks, and whilst they do undeniably look magnificent, the main emphasis on their selection has been strength, stamina and good health rather than more aesthetic concerns.  Please bear in mind that whilst all our dogs are "retired" this does not mean that they are old. Greyhounds will often retire before they are 4 years old, so still have many years of healthy life left in them when they retire.


 When you meet your retired greyhound, you will meet him once he is fully grown and his own personality has formed so that you can choose a dog you feel you will really be comfortable with, rather than choosing a puppy on the basis of his looks.


Whilst the RGT do ask for a donation of around £100 to help cover the cost of neutering and vaccinating the dog, and care during its time in kennels, all dogs from Oxford RGT will come to you neutered, vaccinated and wormed.  This means that whilst the cost of keeping a retired greyhound is likely to be comparable to that of keeping other breeds, when the cost of buying a puppy is added to the costs of neutering and initial vaccinations, adopting a retired greyhound represents a good saving on the initial cost of your pet.