Retired Greyhound Trust
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Why a Greyhound?

laid-back Saffi.jpgIf you are thinking about welcoming a new pet into your family, then a retired greyhound could be for you.

Greyhounds are real speedsters on the track, but make up for this by being incredibly laid back at home and generally require less exercise than other large dogs (20 mins. twice a day is often enough).

Greyhounds are very people orientated, and can make great family pets.We often have dogs which are suitable to go to homes with other dogs or children, and occasionally even some which could live with cats.

However, greyhounds are still large dogs ,and whilst they don't need much space to run around indoors, you will require enough space to allow your greyhound to lie down!   Generally a well-fenced garden is also needed to keep a greyhound.

Take a look in our Rogues Gallery to see some of our dogs in their new homes.  We hope you'll be able to add to it before long!