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We are the Oxfordshire Branch of the national Greyhound Trust Registered Charity Numbers 269668 and SC044047 which seeks to find homes for ex-racing Greyhounds once they have retired.

All Greyhounds available for homing are still within working Trainers Kennels - please note that viewing is by appointment only.

PLEASE NOTE  if the available dogs for homing are not what you are looking for please ring on 01865 374792 as we often have dogs available for homing that for some reason or other have not yet hit the web site
We have at present one or two older boys and girls who are waiting to find their forever homes - please consider them when viewing the dogs available for homing they have so much to give!

Can you help?

Greyhound Trust Oxford is run and organized entirely by volunteers and, as such, is dependent on local people giving up their time to help out.  Contact us to find out how to get involved in raising funds or awareness for Greyhound Trust Oxford.

The Knitting Nannies of Oxfordshire have put out an appeal for any knitting wool that you no longer require or wish to use - these Ladies knit greyhound coats for the retired greyhounds still within Kennels waiting to find their forever homes - they are very much appreciated by the dogs who are kept warm by them during the cold winter months
If you have any spare wool please contact Jenny on 01865 374792 or email

A Treat for your Greyhound

For those of you who read our latest News you will have heard of Jo's "Liver Cake"

Recipe for Liver Cake

250g Liver (You need to wash the Liver as if you don't is smells)
250g Self Raising Flour
2 Eggs

Preheat Oven Gas Mark 4 or 180C

Puree Liver and Eggs in a Blender (this part is a bit grim)
Put Flour in a bowl and stir in the liver mixture (Jo does it the other way round which always works o.k. and reduces washing up)
Add Milk to make a "Spongy" texture
Pour into a baking tray lined with foil and cook for about 45 - 50 mins - depending on the size of the tray

You can double the quantities as Liver Cake is easy to freeze...

Warning!  It does look a bit like chocolate cake before it is cut - so warn other members of the household in case they get a bit peckish!

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